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Know the old and know the new

Kanazawa where you can enjoy the nature of Kenroku-en and Kanazawa Castle Ruins Park
Kanazawa where you can feel nostalgic at Nagamachi Samurai Residence, Nishi Chaya District and Kanazawa Chaya District
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa you can witness new stimuli at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Kanazawa
Please enjoy a walk in Kanazawa where you can encounter a different world once you enter the alley.

Please check in advance as the schedule is subject to change.

  • Surrounding tourist spots

    • Kenroku-en / Kanazawa Castle Park

      Speaking of Kanazawa First here

      A garden full of greenery in the center of the town
      Enjoy with all five senses while enjoying the teahouses around you
    • Oyama Jinja Shrine

      Awakening walk and night view after dinner

      5 minutes walk to Oyama Jinja Shrine
      Surrounded by greenery, the stained glass shines at night
      Deity:Toshiie Maeda
    • Ohmicho Market

      Citizen's kitchen

      5 minutes walk to Ohmicho Market where you can enjoy morning, day and night
      Regular holidays vary depending on the store, so please check in advance.
    • Ozaki Shrine

      Recommended by Kenrokusou

      Shrine in front of the hotel
      The vermilion gate and shrine are very impressive
      Deity:Amaterasu Omikami,Tosho Okami(Tokugawa Ieyasu),Maeda Toshitsune(The third feudal lord of the Kaga domain)
  • traffic

    Kanazawa is a convenient transportation link that can be used in Kanazawa.
  • Kanazawa event

    • Free opening Kenroku-en during the cherry blossom season(After the declaration of flowering)

      ■Spring event

      The event will be held by the citizens, with the main stage being the Riverbed of Asano River in April, when the thaw water is clean.

      【Early April】
      ・Kanazawa Castle,Kenrokuen Illumination -Haru no Urage (spring feast)- Hyakumangoku Geino Hanabutai
      Kenroku-en will be open for free at night, and Kanazawa Castle Park and Kenroku-en will be lit up.

      【Early May】
      ・Shallow river carp sink
      A carp streamer floating in the sky in May swims in the Asano River, which is famous for its Yuzen style.
      A rare event in Japan will be held in Kanazawa.
    • Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival

      ■Summer event

      It will be held for about 4 hours as the main event of the Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival, a heroic and splendid festival in Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival. "Hyakumangoku Gyoretsu (parade)"
      Hanso Toshiie Maeda-ko is Tensho years (1583) marching in Kanazawa Castle, it intended to be held in memory of the feat, which laid the foundation of Kanazawa, gorgeous big pageant that decorate the tradition and culture of Kaga Hyakumangoku is.

      【Early June】
      ・Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival
      ・Kaga Yuzen Lantern Floating Event
      Approximately 1000 Kaga Yuzen Lantern flow through the clear stream of the Asano River, creating an atmosphere rich in atmosphere.

      【Late July ~】
      ・Kanazawa Machihaku City Life Expo
      A pavilion spot and a stall university will be held to rediscover the resources of the shopping district and the town, set in the "machinaka" stage.

      【Early August】
      Fireworks Festival(Schedule)
    • Kanazawa Castle / Kenrokuen Illumination -Aki no Urage (autumn feast)-

      ■Autumn event

      Kenroku-en will be open for free at night, and Kanazawa Castle Park and Kenroku-en will be lit up.

      【Late September】
      ・Autumn castle and garden hospitality(Mid-autumn moon viewing party)
      Kanazawa Castle Park and Kenroku-en will be specially opened at night.

      【Early October】
      ・Hyakumangoku Yama Matsuri (festival)
      It's a fun festival in the green.Please enjoy the charm of nature.
    • Kanazawa firefighting dezomeshiki

      ■Winter event

      Various sponsored events to enjoy the charm of winter in Kanazawa.
      "Food talk" You can enjoy cooking surrounded by history and tradition while having fun talking with celebrities from various fields.

      【End of Year/Beginning of Year】
      ・Kenroku-en Free Opening

      【Late January】
      ・Yuwaku Himuro no Shikomi (preparing the icebox)(Snow stuffing)
      It is said that it was started by the Kaga Feudal Lord Feudal Government Period the Feudal Government Period to give to Tokugawa Shogun, and it was cut off once in the 1955s, but it was revived in 1986.
      It is well established as a winter and summer tradition.
      In late January, the snow packed in the ice house will be cut out at the "Opening of the Ice House" on June 30th.

      ・Kanazawa Castle,Kenroku-en Light Up-Winter Kenroku-en
      Kenroku-en will be open for free at night, and Kanazawa Castle Park and Kenroku-en will be lit up.