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Hotel Kanazawa Kenrokusou
This hotel is run by the Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation.

【Official】Hotel Kanazawa Kenrokusou

Located in the heart of Kanazawa, walk optimal Kenrokusou to tourism.

A town of history and romance such as Toshiie Maeda and Matsu. "Kanazawa"
Literary roads and castle ruins, modern museums and active students.
You can feel the warmth of people even in a dignified atmosphere.
"Hotel Kanazawa Kenrokusou" is located in the center of such a town.


  • 【Expanded to 9 prefectures only】Ishikawa Prefecture Travel Support Project Prefectural Travel Discount!

    【Usage period】May 9th to May 31st, 2022
    【Discount target】Ishikawa prefecture, Fukui prefecture, Toyama prefecture, Niigata prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Mie prefecture

    Please wait for the certificate below.
    Please understand that if you do not have a certificate on the day of the event, you will not be eligible.
    History of vaccination 3 times or,Negative test result
    Identity verification documents(Driver's license, health insurance card, individual number card, etc.)

    【How to reserve】By phone (when making a reservation, please say "use prefectural discount")
    *If you do not declare it at the time of booking, you may not be able to apply the campaign.

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Meetings / banquets

  • Banquet rooms

    【Fare(Tax and service charge included)】
    <Banquet rooms The entire>
    ・area:92㎡/28 tsubo
    ・Capacity:40 seats/28 seats
    ・Standard Rate(Up to 2 hours):12,100 yen
    ・additional fee(Per hour):2,420 yen

    <Banquet rooms 1/2>
    ・area:46㎡/14 tsubo
    ・Capacity:18 seats/16 seats
    ・Standard Rate(Up to 2 hours):7,260 yen
    ・additional fee(Per hour):1,210 yen
    *Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools members will receive a separate discount from the above rates.
  • Japanese-style room

    【Japanese-style room charge(Tax and service charge included)】
    <The entire>
    ・area:89㎡/89 square meters
    ・Capacity:50 seats/30 seats
    ・Standard Rate(Up to 2 hours):12,100 yen
    ・additional fee(Per hour):2,420 yen

    ・area:63㎡/64 square meters
    ・Capacity:32 seats/14 seats
    ・Standard Rate(Up to 2 hours):12,100 yen
    ・additional fee(Per hour):2,420 yen

    ・area:25㎡/25 square meters
    ・Capacity:12 seats
    ・Standard Rate(Up to 2 hours):7,260 yen
    ・additional fee(Per hour):1,210 yen
  • Request for use of meetings and banquets

    Please understand that Hotel Kenrokusou has the following cancellation fees and penalties for using meetings and banquets.

    【Cancellation fee / penalty】
    <Cancellation from 3 days before the event to the day before>
    ・Banquet use:50% of the reserved banquet fee
    ・Meeting use:50% of the reserved banquet fee

    <Cancellation on the day>
    ・Banquet use:100% of the banquet fee you booked
    ・Meeting use:100% of the banquet fee you booked

    1.% is the ratio of the penalty to the usage fee.
    2. Ordering of equipment, etc. with the consent of the customer will be treated as an actual cost.
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Facility information

  • Front desk lobby

    The light shining down from the Showa Modern chandelier welcomes you.               Mosaic art created on the entire wall is displayed in the back of the large lobby with a warm atmosphere.Please appreciate it.
  • Restaurant"Shokusai Yukizuri"

    There is also a digging-type table, and there is also a garden that shows various expressions depending on the season through the glass.Please enjoy your meal leisurely.

    From April 3rd year of Reiwa, we will only be open for breakfast for the time being.
    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
  • conference room/Japanese-style room

    The meeting room and Japanese-style room on the 2nd floor can be used for small-group workshops and banquets.
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Hotel Name

Hotel Kanazawa Kenrokusou


6-40 Oyama Town, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

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